WRTA Paratransit

Reminder to Riders Regarding Snow and/or Extreme Weather

Occasionally, it's necessary to take ADA Paratransit service off the road due to snowstorms or other extreme weather conditions. Every attempt will be made to keep service on the road as long as it is safe to drive the vehicles. The WRTA will make every effort to avoid leaving an individual stranded during inclement weather. During inclement weather, please think about the importance of your trip and the worsening weather conditions before leaving your home.

If ADA Paratransit service has been taken off the road, riders are responsible for arranging their own alternative transportation for critical trips (such as medical treatments or work).

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Arabic: "أذا أردت ترجمة هذة المعلومة للغة أخرى اضغط على مفتاح جوجل فوق"
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